Steady supply of high-quality of Scomber Japonicus,Decapterus Maruadsi,Trachurus Japonicas,Auxis Thazard Thazard,Mene Maculata,Decapterus Kurroides all year round

Quality Control

Kokaii offers offshore cooling pools, offshore preparation facilities, floating frozen facilities to ensure the freshness of seafood. Caught fish are first stored in cooling pool to avoid exposure to outside temperature. Next, the fish are sorted and processed in our offshore preparation facilities to extend the storage time of your seafood for further processing. Subsequently these fish are transferred to our floating frozen facilities and then transported to our onshore frozen facilities. Our onshore frozen facilities, with a 300-horsepower compressor, provide 24/7 non-stop operation and a constant temperature of minus 25-30 degree Celsius, an optimal environment to storage your seafood.